Magic Card Tricks 1.0: We are the world leading magic trick center, specializing in magic card tricks

Magic Card Tricks 1.0

magic trick center on the web specializing in David Blaine magic tricks, levitation, and easy to perform magic tricks. Ellusionist can provide you with the necessary training to have you become a professional magician in no time. Learn how to do magic tricks with all of our magic training ranging from basic to advanced so you can grow your magic skills with us by your side.Manipulating magic cards to perform tricks is not hard when Ellusionist is

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Magic ASCII Studio 2 .2.288: Magic ASCII Studio can convert image to color-coded text ASCII Art file.

Magic ASCII Studio 2 .2.288

Magic ASCII Studio. Use them in your e-mails, documents or even in the forums on the web will be a good idea. In Magic ASCII Studio, drawing your own ASCII Art Photos is like drawing a picture in the Paint application of Windows. All these are very easy, no experience need. Magic ASCII Studio can support add-in(s) which can enhance the functions of Magic ASCII Studio easily. And we will develop different kinds of add-in(s) for Magic ASCII Studio

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MB Candle Magick 1.15: MB Candle Magick shows the importance of different colored candles in magick.

MB Candle Magick 1.15

Magick displays the correspondence between different magick rituals and the colors of candles that should be used. Candle magick is very effective when the right candles are used for the right purposes. This needs to be repeated many times before your purpose is solved. Note that you do not harm to anyone. Candle magick is an ancient practice. This is one of the most practiced magic arts. It is believed that different colored candles have different

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Magic Button Wizard 1.0: WARNING:This Powerful Tool Can Dramatically Increase Conversion Rates

Magic Button Wizard 1.0

The Secret to Increasing Your Conversion Rates. Is By Adding A Little Magic To Your Site! WARNING:This Powerful Tool Can Dramatically Increase Conversion Rates By Making Your Buttons, Opt-in Forms And More Magically Appear, Disappear Or Booth Never before has anything this easy and yet so powerful has been offered. You are able to create what is comanly known as "magic buy now buttons". As a matter of a fact, the Magic Button Wizard can ....

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eWicca 1.1: All-in-one pagan and wicca software to learn and perform magic rituals

eWicca 1.1

All in one pagan and wicca software to learn and perform magick rituals and cast wicca spells, to develop own wicca rituals: candle magick, knot magic, ritual magic, voodoo, charms, etc. Audio and visual stimulations (subliminal messages, binaural beats) to increase effectiveness of magic ritual and utilize maximum of your supernatural power.

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Magic Smiley Collection for PostSmile 5.2: Make your email messages and web-forum postings mysterious and enigmatic!

Magic Smiley Collection for PostSmile 5.2

magician! Make your email messages and web-forum postings mysterious and enigmatic with this image collection for PostSmile. The Magic Smiley Collection extremely expands default image collection of the Masterra PostSmile program. Categories include Magicians, Smileys, Dragons, Magic crystal, Monsters and two alphabet groups. All images are animated. Masterra PostSmile ia a mother program for the Magic Smiley Collection. PostSmile makes it easy to

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MB Moon Magick 1.15

MB Moon Magick is a simple guideline for people practicing magic rituals based on lunar magic. It gives you different correspondences between the position of the moon and its effect on magic rituals. During its transition around the Earth, when the Sun and the Moon are positioned on the opposite sides of the Earth, the moon is seen to be bright and completely round.

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Magic UDF (Universal Disc Format) Burner 1.0.1RC1: Magic UDF (Universal Disc Format) Burner v1.0.1RC1 (VCL) for Delphi/C++Builder.

Magic UDF (Universal Disc Format) Burner 1.0.1RC1

Magic UDF (Universal Disc Format) Burner v1.0.1RC1 (VCL) Magic UDF Burner VCL is a complete disc burning solution for write-once and rewritable media using non-sequential recording. Magic UDF Burner VCL includes all the features required by the developers in such software plus more, offering the reliability, stability and ease of use in affordable price. For getting complete features details, please visit:

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Magic Whiteboard 3.4: Magic Whiteboard is a network drawing program for kids and adults fun.

Magic Whiteboard 3.4

Magic Whiteboard is an incredible drawing entertainment, which brings a lot of fun to your kids and the entire family. Magic Whiteboard can be used in a home PC network with up to 5 computers, so you and kids can draw pictures all together simultaneously. This fascinating and simple in use program has colorful graphics and animated cartoon characters. Magic Whiteboard allows printing and saving drawings in such formats as BMP, JPG, GIF, etc.

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Magic Particles 2.17: Magic Particles - videopost, special effects (fire, fog, clouds, fireworks, etc)

Magic Particles 2.17

Magic Particles is program for creating special effects. Magic Particles allows you to create various special effects easily and quickly. In addition you can use timeline. This version allows to create screensaver automatically. Special effects: A lot of samples of special effects are delivered with Magic Particles. You can use these samples as you wish or create your own special effects. Magic Particles does not require special knowledge of computer

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